The CEA Program Is Now Institute Accredited and FPSC Accredited


What is CEA?

A Certified Executor Advisor is many things: a coach, a confidante, a counsellor; a person having valuable practical knowledge in all of the disciplines required by an Executor, able to give guidance away from potential pitfalls and toward experts in the required field; a professional in their own right, in their own community and in their own discipline.

A CEA is an accredited specialist advising Canadian executors; using a team-oriented, network builder approach and first and foremost, a person who cares.

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Why should BRIDGEFORCE Advisors get their CEA?

According to Statistics Canada, 80% of the wealth in Canada is held by people aged 65 and over, but this demographic can be difficult to engage, and reticent to take action. What we need is a relationship with their most trusted family members to make the introduction, secure engagement and encourage action.

Fortunately, we already know the names of these entrusted people; they are called executor and executrix. By becoming a Certified Executor Advisor, Bridgeforce advisors become instantly recognizable as someone who can help them ensure they will not wade into a minefield when their testators pass.

Will they need Executor Insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits? Do they understand their own personal financial risk? Do they comprehend the dangers of an illiquid estate? CEAs can help executors avoid challenges through awareness and proactive estate preparation.

CEA Designation Details

The CEA Program is Institute-accredited (Advocis) for 30 hours of continuing education.
The CEA program is FPSC Accredited for 30 hours (25 Financial Planning and 5 Practice Management).

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The CEA Program includes a full module on the economics and demographics of executors and testators with marketing strategies and initiatives to assist advisors to gain immediate tangible value in their community and in their business.

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