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A new designation is available to members of a number of professions

A new designation is available to members of a number of professions to which executors often turn for guidance in fulfilling their duties. Those who hold the Certified Executor Advisor certification have successfully completed an on-line study program that covers a wide-range of topics from the important decisions following a testator’s death, to financial and property considerations, and estate administration. Read More »

New Estate Planning Designation

It's a conversation that both an advisor and his client may wish to delay, but the discussion about who will be executor of the client's estate is an inevitable one. A new designation - The Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) could help make those conversations easier. The CEA is designed to help advisors and their clients deal with the growing complexities of estate planning. Read More »

The one person advisors can't afford to ignore

The one person advisors can't afford to ignore. Advisors quite understandably focus on maximizing the client's quality of life. But make no mistake, writes Mark O'Farrell, President of the Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors, part of the job is guiding what happens next. Read More »

Will assets pass away with your clients

If you ask advisors, "Which of your clients will be an executor for a friend or family member?" you'll likely get a blank stare in return. But with $1.5 trillion expected to change hands over the next 20 years, according to STEP Canada, this heralds a massive problem. Further, only 2% of heirs plan on keeping assets with their parents' advisors, according to Investor Economics. This means you'll likely lose assets to other advisors. And lack of loyalty is just the tip of the iceberg. Read More »

CICEA has been awarded Accreditation

CICEA now approved for 30 CE Credits with IIROC, along with IAFE and FPSC Read More »

Head of the Canadian Task Force on Financial Literacy reviews CICEA

“The newly established Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors certification program trains professionals to meet ... Read More »
Interesting statistic

Executors Surveyed Reporting: Administrative complications: 47% Emotional issues: 31% Legal issues: 26%

Source: BMO Leger Poll 2011